Saturday, September 5, 2015

Benefits of THC-Infused Topical Creams

A large part of the medical marijuana community has been introduced to a whole new way to alleviate physical pain without the high that comes along when smoking cannabis.

Creams and gels are being infused with cannabis oils, resulting in a pain-relieving product that can be rubbed on your trouble areas. A truly useful innovation in the cannabis industry for many medical marijuana users.

How do these Creams Work and are they Effective?

You can target areas of pain with the assistance of these topical creams. They work by absorbing the cannabinoids through the skin when applied directly to the area of concern.

Many users report relief from discomfort and pain, while also noting that the traditional "high" wasn't as present. This is perfect for patients who need to function throughout the day without being slowed down. 

Patches containing high amouont of THC are being produced to gradually release cannabinoids throughout the day.

Certain strains are chosen when producing these alternative forms of medicine for maximum effect. Both THC and CBD are combined to provide the best relief to the patient. Other substances may be added in order for the cannabinoids to better be absorbed.

Other naturally relaxing herbs are added to these topical creams to improve both smell and potency. Essential oils from flower such as wintergreen are proven to help in the process of alleviating pain.

marijuana topical cream

Are these Topical Creams right for Me?

Most commonly used to alleviate symptoms often caused by muscle tension and inflammation. More and more research is being unveiled everyday that points to cannabis as a natural healing component. 

THC containing rubbing oil can help you unwind after a long day. More potent forms of medication, such as patches, can also be purchased in states where marijuana is legal.

What exactly do these Cannabis-Infused Creams do?

Simply put, your body already produces endocannabinoids that relieve pain by binding to specific receptors in your brain. Another way to activate these receptors is through the use of marijuana. 

Although these types of creams contain active psychoactive chemicals, you will feel the effects mostly throughout your body with only a little head "high". This form of medicating will not reach your blood stream, only certain receptors in your brain.

Patches are available for those who need a stronger alternative to cannabis-infused creams.

Different topical creams offer different forms of relief depending on the strength of the cream, so make sure to try different brands until you settle on one you prefer.

The cannabis industry is exploding in an uphill rate. As more and more states begin legalizing the use of marijuana, the negative stigma of cannabis is slowly dying. Patients are now seeing the benefits of switching to a natural alternative.