Saturday, July 18, 2015

Difference between Cannabis Extracts in Today's Market

Cannabis extracts are known by different names nowadays. It could mean a multitude of different forms of cannabis being sold in the market. Higher concentrated methods of extractions provide more pain relief to patients who need it.

This can all be attributed to the growing state of the medical marijuana industry. Slowly we are proving that it is in fact a medicinal plant that can be used for therapeutic purposes.

CBD has become big in the medical marijuana industry, with some cannabis extracts containing a higher amount of CBD for a less psychoactive effect when vaporized.

There are several different ways to produce cannabis concentrates. BHO and CO2 are two highly recognized cannabis extracts that are available to the public. They contain a large amount of cannabinoids within a small amount of product.

Below are some of the more common forms of marijuana concentrates found in today's legal cannabis market.

Butane Hash Oil or BHO 




Popular due to its high concentration of cannabinoids is butane hash oil. The two most common forms are shatter and wax. Depending on the extraction process, some BHO will be sticky, while others may become harder and "shatter" when you break off a piece. Many factors go into effect when stabilizing butane honey oil.

Be positive that your cannabis extract is examined for purity in a testing facility, you wants to make sure that your BHO does not contain traces of butane. Due to the its high THC content, percentages can reach up to 90%. Butane hash oil is a growing cure for chronic pain and other bothersome diseases.

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO 


Rick Simpson Oil can be digested in the form of capsules or used in the form of a topical cream. Some caretakers stock RSO with high amounts of CBD for patients who don't want the high that comes along with THC. 

Rick Simpson created this form of cannabis extract as a way to medicate his skin cancer. Using isopropyl alcohol, he extracted the oil from hemp creating a solvent-free product. After that RSO continued to grow in popularity, some are even making tinctures and medicated skin creams out of it.




Using carbon dioxide, marijuana extractors can create CO2 oil out of cannabis plant matter. Considered one of the cleanest extracts, CO2 oil is known to preserve both taste and terpenes from the strain.

Vapor pens have exploded in popularity along with the cannabis industry. Many are filled with a combination of polypropylene glycol and CO2 oil in a disposable tank.

Hash Oil 


Dating back to the beginning of cannabis concentrates is hash oil. It is created by packing together marijuana resin. You can go the solvent route to get the most out of your plant material, or go old-school with ice water hash.

Either way you will create a potent finished product that can be vaporized in order to medicate. It is the most common form of cannabis extract found around the globe.



Using alcohol as a solvent, you can extract cannabinoids to later be turned into a tincture. Before the marijuana prohibition, tinctures ruled the cannabis market in terms of popularity.

A small amount of tincture under your tongue can have an effect, but users can apply more if necessary. They are are a great alternatives for patients who don't wish to smoke or vaporize their medicine, and it's also easy to carry and conceal.