Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Guide to Quartz Bangers and Carb Caps

quartz banger and carb cap

Every dabber should be using a carb cap, it's a must when taking low temp dabs off your banger nail. Using both lets you appreciate the flavor of your cannabis extracts and gives you the smoothest hits. Here are some tips and tricks for those of you starting out in the concentrate world.

Users are being turned over to low temperature hits. Using a club banger and carb cap, you can taste every bit of your cannabis extract. Many marijuana users are switching over to concentrates and it's no mystery as to why. Cannabis extracts are jam packed with THC and just a tiny dab will leave you medicated. Vaporizing the material let's you inhale the medicinal properties.

Seasoning your club banger ensures the best vapor and taste when it's time to dab.

Seasoning your nail is actually quite simple. There are various methods found around the web but here's what I have tried and knows works. Just place a bit of concentrates inside the dish and move it around with your dabber. Let the oil coat the banger and burn off by itself. Using reclaim can save you money if you would rather not waste good concentrate.
Watch that your club banger doesn't turn bright red. This means that your nail is much too hot. Quartz is known to heat up fast than other materials used in nails. A lower temperature ensures both an optimal and smoother hit. Remember that in order to get a low temp hit, your oil must vaporize not burn off when it touches the club banger nail.

By using a carb cap you can achieve a low temperature hit by locking in the existing high temperature.

Knowing when to use your carb cap is vital when taking low temp dabs. Don’t leave the carb cap on for too long as it may get hot to the touch. Air will flow through the open holes on the cap. And that is how you take a low temp hit.

It is best to have a quartz club banger with thick walls for better heat retention while dabbing. The next step would be using an e-nail to have complete control of your temperature. You would need a 16mm or 20mm banger dish to fit your coil, both can be found online at the link below.

New dabbers are most likely to vaporize at a high temperature. Low temp hits are the way to go in my opinion! Be careful not to overheat your nail. It is good practice to use an adapter such as a glass drop down to prevent your glass water pipe from breaking.

The high temp dabbing fad may have also come about from the common misconception that your nail should be red hot in order to use it. The ideal temperature for vaporization to happen is between 300-400 degrees F, and trying to use your quartz club banger when it is red hot will only result in less efficiency while burning away your extract.